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Frimley Hospital

This structure was installed by us at Frimley Park Hospital in 2013.

While the Hospital was undergoing a major refurbishment, they wanted a new, impressive canopy structure at the entrance for admissions. Work was carried out while the Hospital was still open, so we had to contend with constant traffic movements, as well as the general public. Structure was completed on time and on budget.
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Holby City

Recognise this? It's the entrance canopy for BBC's Holby City.

We installed this towards the latter part of 2013. The installation was carried out whilst filming was going on in the building above the canopy. At one point there were three different sets recording, so we had to work quickly, but quietly!
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Thompsons Nursery (Woodlands)

Extensive overhaul against the elements!

This is a complete refurbishment completed early this year, on time and on budget, despite the appalling weather conditions. This 3 span tunnel had been neglected over recent years, and was literally falling apart.

We removed the steel guttering and replaced it with new aluminium gutters. Side and end timbers were replaced, as were the roof covers, side vent systems and end panels.
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two fitters who worked on our canopy. They were very cooperative and professional in their work, and kept us informed throughout. They were also very safety conscious and considered the safety of the children at all times. We were very impressed and would recommend them.
Linda Denyer
Early Steps Pre School Owner
Moss Bury School, Stevenage

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